• Quality Assurance and Docker

    Quality assurance (QA) in coding is often associated with writing applications. Coding (or automating common tasks using a structured language) however is by far not longer restricted to writing software applications. With the rise of the tooling for operations and the establishment of the DevOps culture, writing code is being done for e.g. launching your infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (Terraform), building and configuring your run time environment for your application (Docker) or managing your cluster (Kubernetes).

  • Shortcuts to move a word back and forward in Zsh with iTerm2

    Recently I switched from using bash to zsh on OS X. I used to be a real mouse user, but more and more I am adapting to use keyboard shortcuts. Yes… it does save lots of time.

  • Let’s encrypt with HAProxy and Docker

    I switched job recently and in my new position it’s unlikely that I can use AWS. To prevent a cold turkey from the AWS environment, I moved my personal website and blog (with < 2 visitors a month, myself included) to AWS. This allows me to further play around with BOTO3 and the tools AWS provides for somewhere around 20 euro’s a month. Hooray for the t2.nano instances. I am completely over-engineering the setup with docker, haproxy, nginx workers, jekyll and ansible. Getting it all to work smoothly is fun and it ensures me that I am not loosing my AWS-Mojo.

  • A little experiment with service discovery using consul

    Intended audience: This is not a howto or guide for running service discovery in production. It’s only writedown of a small expirement to see how service discovery using consul can work. It assumes basic knowledge of how to use a shell, docker and aws.

  • Migrating from Apple Keychain to 1Password

    While googling for a solution to get my yubikey/pgp setup properly working with github’s new PGP signing feature, I found a post from the guardian about protecting your online identity. Skipping through this post, I realised that, despite using technologies as PGP, I am/was using a fairly weak mechanism to manage my passwords. And that I am sloppy on staying disciplined on my passwords (223 duplicates tells 1 password me now). So no excuses anymore for not start using a password manager.

  • Yubikey Neo

    At my work both security as usability are important. But in all reality, those two are often conflicting. We are following new developments and insights around authentication mechanisms closely. Authentication mechanisms as two factor authentication is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted by a broader public, but is still not very easy to use for…for example… my parents in law. Last week we decided to take a closer look at the yubikey to find out if this device simplifies the use of a secure authentication mechanism for our users.

  • Vagrant/VMWARE Fusion/Puppet/Xdebug and remote debugging

    Quick hack to get remote debugging with XDebug working.

  • Updating Ports on FreeBSD 8.2

    FreeBSD 8.2 is not longer supported and things have started to break. For example updating ports. Ports maintainers are told to use the tar.xz format now and the default tar on fBSD8.2 can’t handle that.

  • PUT request with cURL and Slim Framework

    This took me a day or two.
    When making a PUT request with the php curl extension to an API built on the (excellent) Slim framework, you will have to sent an additional header with Content-Type set to application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

  • Slow DNS Resolving in debian?

    I was experiencing very slow dns resolving on Debian Squeeze. This was very noticeable when connecting with SSH. I took about 15 seconds before the password prompt showed up.
    Pinging and digs worked fine. I checked lots of things, did some googling until I decided to step back a bit and check if the problem was related to the version of tcp/ip used.
    Turned out to be the case. The first line in my resolv.conf was an ipv6 dns server which wasn’t responding to the requests.
    Changed the dns server, problem solved.

  • Modern Dance meets Dance

  • Safari 6 enable back with backspace again

    grmbl, Apple breaking the web, grmbl fix:

  • Start using IPv6 or How I learned to love the bomb

    Part 1: Introduction

  • [Dutch] 1984:De Raad van Korpschefs noemt het een ‘slim middel’. “We moeten technologie benutten”, aldus een woordvoerder.

    BINNENLAND De politie gebruikt gegevens van TomTom om plekken voor snelheidscontroles te bepalen en locaties voor flitspalen te kiezen. Dat meldt het AD vandaag. Lees verder op

  • Change in PHPUnit 3.5

    A change in PHPunit 3.5 slipped my attention. For the code-coverage as reported by PHPUnit, the following tag is ignored by PHPunit 3.5:

  • Errors with email2trac on freeBSD

    Seeing errors like this?

    Apr  5 12:32:04 socrates ?<11>email2trac : Failure sending notification on creation of ticket #1101: Can't extract file(s) to egg cache  The following error occurred while trying to extract file(s) to the Python egg cache:    [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/nonexistent'  The Python egg cache directory is currently set to:    /nonexistent/.python-eggs  Perhaps your account does not have write access to this directory?  You can change the cache directory by setting the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE environment variable to point to an accessible directory.<
  • Facebook &#8211; Digital Suicide?

    Once in a while I am tempted to create a facebook account. I know, the flesh is weak. As a reminder for myself:

  • Bye Bye Twitter

    I decided to delete my twitter account. I have tried it for some months. One of the things that made me make my decision:

  • Get the number of files in a directory with SPL

    $iDir = clone $dir;
    $filecounter = -1; // correction for the current directory
    <p>while($iDir->valid()) {
    	if (!$iDir->isDot()) {
  • Soulfy - Omen

    I am getting old. I am mostly listening to music which was released at least 10 years ago. Not visiting rock-concerts anymore.
    but once in a while, I discover a newly released album which really makes me think ‘WOW!!!’ the first time I listen to it.

  • APC.php

    if you google for’apc.php?SCOPE’ you get 202.000 hits. I opened at random (more or less) 10 of those. All giving a shitload of information about the host and file structure.

  • Memcache(d)

    Recently I started (finally) with implementing caches for our php projects. I extended the database class with additional query methods utilising memcache.

  • Life of Pi &#8211; Yann Martel

    While rereading my diary, I encountered a passage from life of Pi, written by Yann Martel:

  • duh :)

    Someone on chat asked me what switches he had to use to execute php on the command-line. He tried to execute a php script, and all the command returned was the contents of the script, instead of executing it.

  • Mysterious crashes of netatalk on freeBSD 8

    I experienced mysterious crashes of the netatalk daemon installed on a freeBSD8 box. The apfd was advertised with mdnsresponder, but at the moment I tried connecting to the shares, the afpd crashed. Nothing showed in the usual logs. I tried several debugging modes, but nothing seemed to give any clue where I had to find the cause of the crashes.
    I took another look the /var/log directory, wondering which logfile could provide me with any clue.

  • What really happened,

    What really happened

  • The answer is yes

    Ask Slashdot: Do You Hate Being Called an ‘IT Guy?’


    merlijn@nietzsche 4 ~$ nslookup
    Non-authoritative answer:	name =
    Authoritative answers can be found from:
    arpa	nameserver = I.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = E.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = G.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = C.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
    arpa	nameserver = L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
  • Stupid, stupid stupid!

    No other word for it. Stupid Americans.
    How on earth do you think of assigning a patent to Microsoft for something which was invented around the time that Bill Gates crawled out of his mother?

  • RIP

    Sadly, Scott Anguish decided to pull out the plug of Stepwise. This site was for me the place to be in the early OS X days. Scott was one of the first to provide details on setting up *nix tools on OS X. Since 2004 or something, the site slowly died. But I still visited stepwise daily to check the collection of news bits from Scott his rss feed. Always good for developer-related news items main sites missed.
    Scott has his own blog at, but it misses the nice selection of developerfeeds.

  • Listened to KCO, Tan Dun

    Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest
    Conducter: Tan Dun
    Solo piano: Lang Lang
    Seat: Balkon Front rij 2 stoel 70

  • IPv4, IPv6, the end of tah internetz as we know it?

    Since 2001 ( I am very well aware that there is something called IPv6. And very well aware that the pool of IPv4 adresses is running out. When giving courses to new helpdesk personal at a large ISP in the Netherlands, I always warned them that IPv4 will have it’s limits and we really need to prepare ourselves for IPv6. Well, to be honest, even myself was thinking the last years: well, right, let’s see.

  • MacPorts

    sigh, for my own reference:

  • Listened to AS with Liza Ferschtman

    Amsterdam Sinfonietta
    Solo Violin: Liza Ferschtman and Candida Thomson
    Location: Concertgebouw
    Seat: Voorzaal Zuid, rij 14, stoel 23

  • 1/4 Triathlon

    On June the 27th I completed my first 1/4 triathlon. The result of exactly one year preparation. My time was pretty bad, but at least I managed to complete it. It was an awesome experience and I learned a lot for the next time. Yes, there will be a next time. Now there is a time to beat ;)

  • Listened to NedPho

    Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest
    Conductor: Mikhail Agrest
    Solo Piano: Alexander Gavrylyuk
    Location: Concertgebouw
    Seat: Voorzaal Noord, rij 14, stoel 1

  • Yeah right :)


  • Listened to AS with Alexei Ogrintchouk

    Amsterdam Sinfonietta
    solo hobo: Alexei Ogrintchouk
    Location: Concertgebouw
    Seat: Achterzaal noord, rij, stoel 11

  • Listened to Van Dingstee Kwartet

    Van Dingstee Kwartet
    (met Helena van Tongeren op Alt)
    De Waag leiden

  • Listened to Afscheidsconcert Mark van Doorn

    Various Artists
    Bethaniënklooster Amsterdam

  • Datacentre++

  • Bicycle ride

    This easter-weekend it’s beautiful weather in the Netherlands. I bought my current bicycle 2nd hand a few months ago and I am really enjoying cycling outdoors.

  • Simple can be so beautiful

  • Serious running?

    According to Murakami, serious running is running more as 250 km a month. By this definition I am not a serious runner. But I do spent about 9 hours a week sporting and just signed up for my 1st half-marathon since my rebirth as sport-enthousiast.

  • Not slacking!

    For the ones who take a peek once in a while at “my latest run”, I am not slacking!

  • hihi, start digging!


  • Genius Fun

    I love the new “genius” feature of iTunes 8. On my to do list is an genius playlist xml->rss export thingie for gargleblaster. But hey, there are more things on my todo-list :)
    But this morning I hit the genius button for “The Mercy Seat” of Nick Cave&the Bad Seeds. And considering my iTunes playlist has around 12.5k songs in it,sometimes the music I hear is very surprising.

  • Sometimes Rebooting hurts

  • iPhone Screenies

    I have my iPhone now for 3 weeks,and I am more and more falling in love with it. I hardly use my iMac anymore at home. All my email checking, browsing and even some commandline work I do with my iPhone. And with iSquint I convert avi’s etc to the iPod compatible mp4 and have great fun watching the wire season 1 now on my iPhone.
    But,1 thing I didn’t know was that it’s possible to make screenies of your iphone :)

  • Start2Run

    Running with Evy Gruyaert is still fun. Almost finished with the 0-5km podcast series. Below is lesson 26 which I ran yesterday. Tomorrow the final lesson and next week I will have to run 3 times 30 minutes to complete the series. After that I will continue with the 5-10km lessons.

  • ROFL

    Stupidness to the max

  • Angels in America

    Today I went with a friend to the play “Angels in America”.
    Toneelgroep Amsterdam was the company playing the piece. 5,5 hours with only 1 break of 25 minutes. Wow!

  • Eek, Deleting my non-existing social life?!

    I decided to delete some social-networking accounts. Among those is my hyves account. Hyves is very similar to facebook, with a large NL user base.

  • Sweden

    Last week I found myself throwing myself from a mountain side in Sweden on skies.
    It was my first real winter-sport holiday and it was in one word: Awesome.

  • Tags, gargleblaster

    Finally I seem to be able to keep a promise.
    After several failed promises to keep updated, this time i seem to manage to write a blogpost now and then, and regularly look after the site.

  • Thoughts on the take over of MySQL AB by Sun.

    The buzz in the blogosphere yesterday could hardly be missed. MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems announced they reached a final agreement for the acquisition of MySQL AB by Sun Microsystems. First of all, I think that it is very important that there is a difference between MySQL AB (the company) and MySQL the open source Database engine.
    MySQL doesn’t “own” MySQL. Mysql is an open source project, so the source is free to modify and use etc according to the GPL license.

  • The best RSS reader for OS X,

    Has become a free download o0?
    I have bought this application 3 years ago or something, because it simply rocked. Apparently the recent additions of Leopard concerning RSS feeds, have made newsgator to release Newsnetwire for free and keep some market-share.

  • Top 2000? Here is my top 10 of best songs.

    The last week on Dutch radio the top2000 of popsongs has been broadcasted. On 1 was Bohemian rhapsody by Queen, and the whole list contained a lot of good music. But,also a lot of rubbish.
    Listening to the countdown, made me wonder what my favourite songs are,and why. I am very well aware top whatevers are changing from day to day according to your mood etc,but here is a shot anyway:

  • Work in Progress

    Give more Xmas-holidays :p
    I finally was bored enough to create my own wordpress theme from scratch.
    I have tried to keep it as minimalistic as possible, and I am pretty satisfied with the result.
    The layout is the *yawn* 3 column one, but hey, they are popular for a reason. The theme is not tested in any other browser as Safari (10.5),but to be honest,I don’t give a #insert nasty word#.

  • Happy New Year!

    2007 just came to an end, 2008 is awaiting and 1 minute old.
    I wish everyone a good and healthy 2008.

  • Snapshot Leidsestraat

    Last year I bought myself my first digital camera.
    I choose for the Canon EOS 400D. I am still practicing, but enjoy making snapshots alot. On the 1st of december I was in Amsterdam and took several snapshots. The one I liked the most is this one:

  • Ex Drummer

    Finished reading the book of Herman Brusselmans yesterday. And I am watching the movie as we speak. It’s awesome. The Flemish version of Trainspotting and The Commitments.

  • site update

    I will be updating this weekend,already am trying out new templates to pick one to adjust and tweak.
    And,i think i will start writing some more posts again, :)

  • Photo of the year

    hawking having fun

  • Web 3.0

    This morning before going to work I had a little chat with a friend of mine.

  • Toys for Boys

    My new watch, bought it today in The Hague:

  • Digital TV

    Yesterday I gave in to my cable tv provider and went to their store to get myself a digital settop box.

  • Dashcode

    Apple released a public beta of Dashcode to ADC members (including the free accounts). I have to say I am deeply impressed.
    It has still some quirks, but it is stable and has stunning features.

  • AJAX with Safari

    Mental note to myself:

  • Good old OS 9


  • Maybe one of the best commercials ever!

    70,000 litres of paint
    358 single bottle bombs
    33 sextuple air cluster bombs
    22 Triple hung cluster bombs
    268 mortars
    33 Triple Mortars
    22 Double mortars
    358 meters of weld
    330 meters of steel pipe
    57 km of copper wire

  • Hilarious (and so happy it was not me)

    A mistake every DBA could make,having your auto-incremental primary key big enough to handle almost every thinkable 2 to the power of n, but you overlook the size of your index.

  • duh

    Sometimes you think to yourself: duh

  • Hmm forgot my previous post

    For a moment (2 weeks) I lived in the fantasy that there are smart Americans.
    However,this image has been destroyed (again) by watching this google video.

  • ./cheer @ people with brains

    Watching this video made me smiling. There seem to be some people in the United States who actually think. The best thing is that people are actually clapping at the end.

  • Mailman on freeBSD with Postfix

    One of my co-workers asked me if I could help him with sending emails to over 100 people.
    On certain planets this would be considered as spamming, but all the addresses are prospects or exisiting customers. Until now, he was used to send the mails one by one. But the address list grew larger and larger.

  • Effective restoring a mysql database

    Being a brave sys-admin I do backup my mysql databases. But, begin to lazy to give each of my databases his own backup-script, I backup all the databases in one dump.
    Sofar (triple knock on wood) I had only once to restore a database from that file. I did a couple of greps on the large file to create a file with only the database to restore. But Mike Hillyer has an excellent tip on his blog. I wonder when that option (-one-database) has been introduced, because it’s the first time I’ve heard of that option.

  • Finally, sasl with virtual accounts in mysql working!

    This bothered me from the moment I got my new postfix mailserver.
    Everything worked,tls/amavisd-new/courier/plain-sasl/postfix all with mysql. But somehow I didn’t get sasl working with the virtual user accounts in mysql. I tried almost everything and nothing worked.
    Once in a while I tried to get it working again, but every time it ended in a dissapointment.
    Until today! Jippie!

  • virtual reality^2

    whoah,unbelievable,imagine what you can do with this technology maturing,

  • OOP programming for webapplications usefull?

    While coding (php5) on a new project today, I found myself struggling with the question to fit a collection of functions in a class or not. Or in other words, to maintain a procedural style, or more object orientated.
    I only learned recently how to use objects and classes in php5 and I find myself mixing objects and procedural style within scripts. For instance, html templates and database abstraction is fitted in classes, while handling a form (collection -> validating ->processing) is done in a procedural style in my scripts.

  • Russian Scientist Claims to Have Cracked Fermat Theorem

    Fermat’s great theorem states that there are no positive integers x, y, and z such that xn + yn = zn in which n is a natural number greater than 2.

  • Entering the world of version control

    Doing PHP development for several years now, I never really understood version control and how to integrate it with my web-application development. For “traditional” programming, it is clear. You create a repository, all the developers keep in sync and commit their updates. But being the whole development team yourself and have code that for 100% depends on the database stopped me from even try to set up a version control system.
    Until last week. I just finished a project and was starting a new one, when I decided that this was the ideal moment for fiddling around with version control. I happened to have a golden oldie compaq proliant 1850R with RAID 5 disks AND a fresh install of freeBSD 5.4. Ideal for the task of becoming a CVS server,.eh, cvs? subversion?

  • Watching a webcast

    For the first time I’m watching a webcast like ordinary TV.
    This weekend there is the Lowlands festival in Holland.
    The vpro has a very extended coverage, including 800kbs live streams.
    I play the live stream with real-player on my ibook. The ibook is connected to my TV.
    It looks and sounds great. I just watched Franz Ferdinand and it looked fantastic. The quality is very very acceptable.
    Incredible how the internet has progressed the last 5 years,

  • Whahahaha


  • Logo repository

    Need a hi-res logo for your next project comp? Many, many logos for the world’s most popular brands can be found here. Sure to delight your creative staff, or perhaps cause them to waste all day looking at logos.

  • Sigh,I suppose the world has to congratulate mr. Bolton now?

    Ordinarly I prevent myself from writing political stories on I don’t have to shout on a webblog that the USA has the dumbest president in their history. I don’t have to shout the the world biggest democraty in the world has only 2 parties. I don’t have to shout that the christian-ultra-rightwing won the elections by 0.02 %. But man,they are making it hard for me.

  • Fire!

    Recently I have resigned from my former student-society-computer-foundation. Together with 4 friends, we kept the network running with given-away-for-free-thrash computers (except the DEC-alpha kick ass server).
    Lots of fun, lots of beer, but life goes on.


    This is an amazing java-applet.
    Especially because it is unbelievable fast. And it’s always fun to look up your own name,Apperently mine dropped from the top 100 during the 70′s.
    What surprised me was the popularity of my name during the 1930′s.



  • Podcasting

    Having an update iPod since a couple of weeks, finally got me on the podcasting train. Not as a producer of podcasts (don’t worry, I don’t plan to do it either) but as a consumer. A short time before I got my iPod, iTunes 4.9 was released with podcast-support (,all over the place really).

  • Windows Vista

    The first screenshots of Windows Vista are popping up on the internet. The remark of Steve Jobs (Redmond, start your photocopiers) has been proven right. Several features of Longh—, eh, Vista seems to be copied from Tiger.

  • What the Hack 2005

    Shame on me. I won’t be going this year.
    Having misplanned my holiday and primarly by miscalculating the date (“WHAT?! in 2 weeks already!”) so that the company-agenda didn’t have any room for me to leave the office. Too bad, but luckily the most lectures will be online anyway.
    The only thing I really will be missing in meeting up with friends and 1000′s of other nerds.

  • Visual Programming with Java

    For my Open University course I have started with “Visual Programming with Java”.
    I know it’s more fun as Discrete Math :)
    And it’s quite fun to finally “learn” programming, as I’m a autodidact. The level is very very basic, but that doesn’t matter to me. In the last years my experience is that it can be very helpfull to really learn the basics.

  • New Hardware

    New toys,for me,how nice!


    To my complete surprise, has still more as 50 unique visitors a day.
    Not very bad for a blog which hasn’t been updated the last 2 months.

  • OS X: sshd/sftp jail

    A while ago I enabled a jail for an useraccount on my server.
    Last week, I had to add another user.

  • Databases


  • Discrete Math

    Having probably made my last databases-exam, I started a new course, Discrete Math A.
    The last time I studied math was more than 9 years ago, and I found myself puzzling why
    (2n+1)2 was not (4n2 + 1).

  • Migrated to PHP5

    I did it!

  • April foolsday hoaxes

    The 1st of april has become one the better internet days.
    The whole net gets filled with hoaxes,the one even better than the other,

  • MyFirstWidget&trade;

    Having an ADC-select account, I have access to the latest release builds of Tiger.
    On Easter-Sunday, I decided to do something usefull with my tiger-seed and downloaded the Dashboard SDK.

  • Configuring the date and time on PIX OS 6.3

    Summertime again.
    All of my servers are synced with a central NTP and pick up summertime nicely.
    Except my Cisco PIX 515e.
    Turned out that I didn’t configure my date time settings very well.
    So, as well for my reference as for your information:

  • I hate, really hate, Microsoft

    Just a quick posting.
    I use css a lot, not for design, but for my web-applications, esp. the media=”print.

  • Upgrading mysql on OS X 10.3 Server

    With the latest discovery of some remote vulnerabilities in mysql and PHP, I had to upgrade my production server.
    And to be clear, I don’t like updates.
    Esp. not on mission critical apps. Updates tend to break things, you see:)

  • Output the last lines of a file with PHP

    This took me some time this morning.
    For a secured part of a website I made up a log of both succesfull as failed logins.
    I wanted to output the last 20 or so lines, for displaying those on a helpdesk page.

  • Upgrading freeBSD

    Keeping mission critical machines up2date is always a burden for a sysadmin.
    Esp. if you are an allround sysadmin, responsible for all kind of servers.
    On freeBSD, this has become quite easy.
    There has is a new tool in town: portsnap.

  • Gargleblaster upgraded to WordPress 1.5

    I’m finished more or less with upgrading to wordpress 1.5.
    Less painfull than I feared,The database remained completly intact.
    The new theme system is great.
    I picked a nice theme and completely rebuilded that theme.
    It’s coming to close to the point how I like think that my blog should look like.

  • Upgrading wordpress to 1.5

    Decided to go boldly where no bold one has gone before.
    Deleted my old wordpress dir and uploaded the new one.
    Yes, I did ignore the “upgrading 1.2 to 1.5″ on purpose.
    I like a nice clean start,The database is ok, that’s what counts.
    Looks is only looks.

  • Localizing wordpress with OS X Panther

    Quick and dirty:

  • Even more vintage videos

    I’m glad I do have friends who help me filling up all the diskspace on a Xserve.
    ( Is there some sarcasm here?)

  • Upgrade day


  • Vintage video revival

    This one was on slashdot more than a week ago, but I just found the time to upload the movie to my webserver. From a historical perspective, this video is amazing. Shot in 1992, it has lots of technology introduced almoast ten years later again with the release of Mac OS X. If you watch the video, you will see, interface builder, the dock and more.

  • Postfix mailqueue


  • Simple solution to prevent dictionary attacks on SSHD

    I like simple solutions.
    My sshd deamon is constantly hammered by Scriptkiddies using random dictionary attacks.
    One simple way to prevent most is changing the port where sshd listens on, or use an unusual portmapping.
    I don’t really like that however. Don’t ask me why, it has probably something to do with my bad memory. I keep forgetting those ports.

  • So long and thanks for all the fish,

    Today I’ve shut down my last linux server.
    <br /> Linux 2.4.20-31.9 #1 Tue Apr 13 18:04:23 EDT 2004 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux<br /> 15:32:17 up 131 days, 5:39<br /> Broadcast message from root (pts/0) (Sat Jan 29 15:37:31 2005):<br /> The system is going down for system halt NOW!<br />

  • Ooooh, This is why!

    You have to be carefull with autoresponders :)
    Some frenchman clearly misconfigured his autoreply, because OS X server mailinglist is hammered with messages like this:
    Madame, Monsieur,
    Je suis en mission, de retour le 23 nov. 2004. En cas d’urgence, vous pouvez
    contacter Mme xxxxx, au +410000000
    Pierre xxxx</p>

    Dear collegues,
    I am currently in mission, back on Nov. 23th, 2004. I will respond to your
    mail upon my return.
    In urgent cases, please contact Mrs xxx (+41000000000)
    Pierre xxxx
    ` [1]: ./images/mailbomb.png

  • Microsoft following Apple again?

    Can’t they be original for just once?
    On the news today are stories that M$ is threatening sites with lawsuits in order to have those sites removing screenshots of a new operating system.
    What Apple can do, Redmond can do!
    Sneak Peek at Windows Mobile 2005 (Magneto) – Engadget –

  • 1984 Apple Keynote

    Sometimes you find nice things on the internet.
    Like a five minute intro of the 1984 Apple keynote, presented by Steve Jobs himself.
    In this keynote, the original Macintosh is announced. The quality is quite decent.
    Click on the picture below to watch the quicktime movie (watch out, more than 20 mb!).

  • and multiple IMAP accounts

    My new mailserver is up and running. I like slow migrations and just migrated one of my last domains.
    The total number of imap-accounts in reached 4. For every account I selected “Automatically synchronize changed mailboxes”.
    And at every start of, the application comes to a complete deadlock.<div align=center>

  • Postfix, Virtual Domains, OS X etc.


  • Lazy typing


  • Thinksecret, Secret not think?

    Today Apple has announced they are gonna sue, for exposing trade secrets. My first reaction is: why waited so long? Nick de Plume of thinksecret was clearly abusing his NDA. He probably got an ADC account for only one reason: having priority access to pre-release builds. I myself have a ADC software seed key, and I don’t even discuss new features with my girlfriend, let alone posting them on the net. I don’t deny that I like reading rumoursites. But there are limits. broke those limits. I think that they will have to pay a reasonable ammount of money. And it will be justice, think off all the $$ they make with the advertisements.

  • Tsunami Disaster

    I’ve been offline during the last week, so I hadn’t the chance of paying attention to the Tsunami Disaster.

  • Happy New Year!!!

    2005 already.
    Perhaps the year of the Tiger?

  • Mail server on freeBSD

    The last weeks I’ve been struggling with freeBSD.
    Building a nameserver worked within a day. A mailserver on the other hand,Is a lot of work. All new things,
    Postfix, sasl, tls, courier, amavisd-new etc.
    Most of the things start working now,googling has become hourly routine.

  • Thoughts on freeBSD

    A very busy week, but during my activities I found the time to experiment with freeBSD.
    First on a very old IBM pentium 166mmx, but later this week on a unexpected present, a compaq PII 266 mhz.

  • Serial console on Xserve with Panther

    NOTE: I submitted this post as a hint on, You might check this link for any user comments.

  • The answer to comment spam: AuthImage

    Last friday I spent some time to set up another personal weblog (entirely in Dutch, and not computer related, sort of. If you can understand Dutch, don’t be offended by the uri, it’s ment to be funny). But within 72 hours,Comment Spam!

  • Pix.log to MySQL using PHP

    I’ve started my first open source project, sort of at least.

  • Apologies Accepted; the world's answer to

    Apologies Accepted: the world’s answer to

  • Comment Spam



    Those poor Americans.

  • Import ssl-certificate into keychain (updated)

    Apple should really document some things better.
    Since 10.3 warns for self signed certificates.
    Very annoying, esp. for the less savy user.

  • Chrooted SFTP on Panther (OS X Server 10.3)

    Creating a chrooted sftp on panther server is quit easy, once you’ve found the instructions.
    The how-to on this page worked excellent for me.

  • Compiling MTR on OS X Panther

    The fun things of a new computer.
    I did (on purpose) not copy my CLI enviroment, so the last days I’m adding one by one my unix tools again (and restoring my bash_profile). Yesterday I needed MTR.
    The current version (0.65) does not compile out of the tarball. It chokes on dns.c.
    A short googling however learns the following:
    #gnutar -xzvf mtr-0.65.tar.gz
    #cd mtr-0.65
    #./configure –prefix=/usr/ –without-gtk

    vi config.h

    add the following line to config.h: &nbsp;&nbsp; #define BIND\_8\_COMPAT 1
    #make install

  • Jippie!

    My new iBook has been delivered this morning.
    iBook G4 12″, 60 GB hd with built-in bluetooth.
    The additional 512 MB of ram and the airport express are still in backorder, but are expected to arrive tomorrow.

  • Rant in Dutch &#8211; de neuk met draaiorgels!

    I’m sorry. I don’t know to translate this. So this is written in Dutch:
    — rant —
    Draaimolens zijn klote! Draaimolens moeten ophouden met bestaan en verdienen het overgoten te worden met bezine en in de fik gestoken te worden.

  • 17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists

    After the re-election of G.W. Bush.

  • The meaning of Grok


  • NSA Security Configuration Guides

    On there was an article posted with an link to a newly released pdf by the National Security Agency. The pdf is a detailed configuration guide for securing OS X (client). I thought I was a OS X hacker, but man,the NSA thougth of some things I never thought of. The pdf is very worthy to download and read, but the originating website is at least as informative.

  • Busy.

    Busy busy busy

  • Eric Meyer added to the Apple pro series

    Eric Meyer has been added to the apple pro series. An entertaining story about the, at least in my eyes, guru of CSS.

  • Creating Websites Using Mac OS X has posted a nice article about making (personal) websites with OS X. Nice to see they promote the same tools as I am using (BBedit, CSSedit and Transmit) and promote the same philosophy on webdesign.

  • Dance Performance in the &#8220;Fries Museum&#8221;

    Today there was a free dance performance of a solo dancer(Massimo Molinari) who dances with the group
    Krisztina de Chatel. The dance was inspired by the photography exhibit Nazar in the “Fries Museum”.
    The Dance was very powerfull and quit intense. The public had to follow the dancer through the exhibition. Nice to see how people make room when a dancer comes close to the public. <div align = "center">

  • Chris Shiflett: Preparing for the Zend Certification

    Chris Shifflet has posted a nice article in which he reviews five example questions from the Zend PHP certification test.

  • Premiere of Galili dance &#8211; Me

    This evening my girlfriend and I visited the premiere of Me by Galili Dance. To my own surprise I found out a couple of years ago that I like modern dance. Esp. dances of Emio Greco and PC, Club Guy and Roni and Hans Nijhof ensemble moved me deeply.
    Galili however, was somewhat dissapointing. The first 20 minutes where boring. To many dancers on stage, and it wasn’t powerfull. With the start of an impressive solo it was becoming interesting. After the solo a video was played, which deepened the story. It was getting better and better. After the movie, the music was improved and the dance was more,well,much more powerfull. However, before reaching a full climax, the end was there.
    overall rating: 6 / 10

  • Access vs MySQL has a nice article posted in which they compare MS access with MySQL.
    At a glance, it seems to be good article with repect to both databases. They also explain how to migrate from Access to mysql using a third party utility.

  • Power Mac G4 and G5 versus Pentium 4, Dual Xeon, and Dual Athlon

    Always nice. Benchmarks which make it quit clear the G5 blows away the intel/amd competetors.

  • Nice php code

    I’m learning the PFY the basics of php coding.
    He’s learning to use the for loop, and I’ve asked him to do some simple practices with formelements for entering dates.
    One of the things I asked him, was to make a select field with the twelve months, without entering the names themselves.
    He failed at first, but when I showed him one of the ways, I came up with the code below.
    And,I think it’s a nice piece of code.

  • Tiger due in January?

    Rumor sites are hinting a january 2005 immediate release of Panther. Entirely based upon the fact that a promotional action has been prolonged to 10th of january, the first day of the San Francisco MacWorld Expo. I have to admit. It would be a nice day for the announcement. But probably the announcement will be made that Tiger will be available someday around may.

  • Initial setup of a cisco PIX 515, with a tight deadline

    Like most sysadmins, I have a boss who likes tight deadlines.
    On wednesday I had to put the servers in to the co-location. The firewall would be delivered on the co-location, so I didn’t have the time or oppurtinuty to play around with it.
    I just want to make some remarks and give some advice. For a complete initial setup,well, you’re basically on your own. Nobody exposes his or her complete setup scenario, neither do I.

  • New feature for BBedit? (continued)

    I recieved a reply from

  • Prevent SSH timeouts on Speedtouch 510i

    The infamous el-cheapo of the el-cheapo ADSL modems.
    I can’t wait till the moment that I get a clearence for ordering a Cisco or Zyxel ADSL modem, but until then I’ll have to do it with this piece of crap.
    Fortunatly, the biggest frustration ( SSH sessions timing out) has been solved.

  • Cisco property-to-be sniffs out spam 'zombies'

    Some good news, It seems that a company soon to be taken over by Cisco has developed a technology which makes it easy for ISP’s to track down ‘zombie’ machines and shut them off.

    [1]: property-to-be sniffs out spam ‘zombies’/2100-1034_3-5374483.html?part=rss&tag=5374483&subj=news.1034.20

  • New feature for BBedit?

    I admit,I don’t have it often. But this morning it happened!

  • Another G5 Cluster

    Apple has posted a new article in the science profile section, this time about the COLSA Corporation supercluster of 1566 node Xserve G5′s.

  • CBC News: Rare sighting of wasp north of Arctic Circle puzzles residents

    There is a wasp seen above the pole circle.
    So what would you think, but it seems to be something unique. It’s considered to cold for the little bugs above the pole-circle and nobody has seen there one before. The inuit don’t even have a word for the black/yellow bug.
    The wasp could be a freak occurrence( brought there by plane), a sign the climate and environment is changing or a proof for the evolution theory:)

  • *sigh* Cisco,yawn,pix,huh!

    Man,.configuring a co-lo server and a PIX is very, very hard work.
    Little sleep and frustrating hours trying to understand why traffic doesn’t do what I want.

  • Life is sweet

    <br /> Xserve:~ merlijn$ curl -O<br /> % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Curr.<br /> Dload Upload Total Current Left Speed<br /> 100 10.0M 100 10.0M 0 0 6198k 0 0:00:01 0:00:01 0:00:00 6367k<br />
    no proxy.

  • Never never forget it again,

    How to create an virtual ethernetinterface with OS X 10.3 (server) on the commandline.

  • NmapFE for OSX

    In the past, portscanning was considered an art. Nowadays with tools like this, everybody can use the gory and obscure options of Nmap. Like the documentation mentions:

  • Cisco PIX 515E

    This wednesday I’ll meet the cisco PIX 515E. Ordered last wednesday, it will be delivered directly on the colocation site.

  • New life for the HGTTG

    Altough Douglas Adams died in 2001, his heritage is still alive and kicking.

  • MySQL Glossary Builder

    If you, like I am at the moment, spent your time writing PHP scripts for a medium sized database backend, this application is nice to have.

  • Apple Expo 2004

    Apple Expo 2004

  • Bruiser Blair boots Berlusconi

    You know, the left is always giving me problems

    -Silvio Berlusconi -

  • Apple &#8211; iMac G5

    Information about the new iMac G5 is available on
    Apple – iMac G5
    Prices start at 1299 USD for the 1.6GHz 17-inch iMac.

  • New version of BBedit released

    Hey, I like unexpected new software releases.
    Esp. when it’s a new version of the best text-editor around for OS X.

  • Fokke and Sukke (Dutch comic)


  • squidfingers / patterns

    While browsing my new cms supplier’s website, I stumbled against this site with an excellent collection of background patterns.

  • Gargleblaster updated (again)

    One definition says, “A blog is a frequently updated, personal Web site featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles or other Web sites. Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. Blogs are unique to the Web.”

  • First pictures of Apple Expo Paris 2004

    I’m not going this year, but when you see the pictures,

  • css directory

    A very nice collection of links, related to CSS and webdesign in general. Now I only need some time:)

  • How stupid can you be? SCO again

    From a [C Net article:]1
  • Brother FAX-T74

    If your brother fax-T74 gives the errormessage “maintenance#7″ and doesn’t respond to any button, pulling the powerchord doesn’t work, digging through the manual doesn’t work, googling only leads to resellers and you absolutely don’t know what to try next,.try lifting the lid en blow three times on the transparent strip in lower part.

  • Why not 2 weeks earlier?

    The last weeks I’ve been busy migrating my lusers from 10.2 to 10.3, from macintosh manager to Open Directory, from OS 9 to OS X.
    And just at the moment that you’re finished, you see this:

    LDAP in Mac OS X Server by Tony Williams — Typical network services problems, such as enabling all of your computers to use the same login information to authenticate users, can be solved with directory services. Panther has the built-in tools, but they’re still less than elegant. Tony Williams shows you how to piece them together.


  • Xserve G5 DP ships in Europe!

    Today the first Xserve G5 dual processors arrived in Holland. I had not expected this to happen before june. (see picture below)

  • Google and iTms-Europe

    Me thinks that today will be the day that Steve Jobs will announce the iTunes music store for Europe.

  • Fiddling around with CSS

    As you maybe will notice,the design and layout of is radically changed/changing,

  • Tonerlevel with mrtg/snmp on Epson C4000

    Last week our new color laserprinter (Epson C4000PS) arrived at the office. Quit a jiffy printer. Postscript level 3, a decent 10/100 built-in printserver and out of the box 192 Mb ram built in are some of the kewl features (and do not forget the duplex-unit!).

  • Be aware where you plug in your iBook

    <a href=”” target=_blank>The register</a> reports in <a href= “” target =_blank>this article</a> about an 23 year old German Greenpeace activist who plugged in his iBook into a railway station power socket and got arrested.

  • Mark email read with procmail

    This was bothering me since I installed SpamAssassin on my mailserver. SpamAssassin is called by procmail, and after the email is scanned, the mail is further processed by, again, procmail.

  • How *n*l can your proxy be?

    Today a co-worker came to me and told me there was pr0n on my website.

  • Bluetooth Rocks!

    Yesterday I finally recieved my new mobile phone.
    I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a Nokia 6310i.

  • First IBM, now SGI

    <a href=’’ target=_blank’>According to this news-article</a> SCO is threatening to withdraw the UNIX license of SGI.

  • Virginia Tech switches to G5 Xserve

    Virginia Tech has announced that they will switch their dual processor G5 towers for the recently announced Xserve G5.

  • Nostalgia or sentiment? That is the question!

    Today I stumbled against this article which describes how to pull data from an old Atari ST harddisk.

  • Finally,.a good start to end the US centrism of the Internet

    At least,I hope it is,
    In the early days of the internet, only three of the original 13 rootservers
    were outside the US, which fuelled criticism of US centrism in Internet management.

  • Shameless Plug

    Finally I found some time to renew the website of my boss. It was on my wishlist for some years, because the old site was, well, plain ugly.

  • Adventures of a snowboard teacher

    I’m the mysterious snowboard-instructor chick behind those iridium pink Oakley goggles and matching pink hat. Duh, I know red and pink clash, but part of being hella-cool is being humble. I don’t have to be sexy every minute of every day.

  • InnieMinnieminyMoo

    Apple has announced a new iPod model at the Macworld SF Expo.

  • Hooray for the NASA

    Where the ESA seems to fail, the NASA has more success.
    Their robot is set to cruise the Mars surface within three days,.

  • Google Madness

    I just installed aw-stats.
    While checking my stats-page, I noticed that had 160 unique visitors today.

  • Proxy.pac on OS X

    With a quit serious hangover I started configuring a new proxy this morning.

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to everyone who reads this,

  • Building a supercomputer

    A pretty complete story about the Virgina tech supercomputer has been placed on the Apple website.
    It can be found <a href=’’ target=_blank>here</a>.

  • Bind 9 logging configuration

    Since the time I mastered building my own DNS server, I was unhappy with the logging configuration.

  • CompTIA Linux+


  • Virusscanner on Mailserver working again

    Last week an uncarefull performed update of my linux mailserver broke my viruscanner <a href=’’ target=_blank> AMaViS </a>. I still don’t know what really broke it, it was either Perl or Glibc.

  • Virginia Tech PowerMac G5 Cluster Photos

    I would have waited for the soon te be announced G5 Xserve, that would have taken less room than this and would have made replacing a hard-drive much easier. But it does look cool.

  • Final Report on the Apple Expo!

    So here it is, the final report on the Apple Expo in Paris.

  • Live from Paris Apple Expo

    This is typed from the public wifi area on the Apple Expo in Paris. We have seen the keynote this morning. Excellent to be there.

  • Apple Expo Paris


  • FTPd issue

    Tonight somebody had to upload his website on my webserver.

  • SCO vs The rest of the World

    They have gone totally bonkers.

  • Installation woes and Certification

    A couple of weeks ago I started with the <a href=”” target=_blank> Linux+ course</a> from Comptia. The goal is to finally certify myself as a linux-sysadmin.

  • iPod, Stocks and personal rant!

    A lot has happened last week. Apple announced his music store, the new iPod series has been announced and I got my drivers-license.

  • Banned for the /. rss feed has been banned for the rss newsfeed.
    *Your RSS reader is abusing the Slashdot server. You are requesting pages more often than our terms of service allow. Please see the FAQ link for more information, and if you email us, include your IPID MD5: xxxxxxx. You May Only Load Headlines Every 30 Minutes *

  • The problem

    Until August 2002, the range of IP addresses from was reserved for future use. The unassigned or reserved IP addresses have been used in the past to perform Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. A number of ISP’s as well as Firewall operators decided in order to help limit the effects of these on their network they would perform filtering of the reserved space.

  • 10.2.5 Update CD for sale

    Amazing. Apple has an upgrade cd for OS X 10.2.5 avalaible before the update has been spread through the software update pane.

    • Mac OS X v10.2.5 Update CD – $19.95 The Mac OS X Software Update CD includes Update 10.2.5 which delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for the applications, utilities, services, and technologies of Mac OS X. For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website: Note: The Mac OS X v10.2.5 Software Update is also available as a free download via the Software Update preference. * The link however does (not yet?) work. It looks to me like a fuck-up from an Apple employee. Bad bad boy (or girl)!
  • Updated Applications from Apple

    Today Apple has announced Final Cut Pro 4, DVD Studio Pro 2 and Shake 3. All releases include a massive ammount of new features. Esp. with Shake 3 Apple aims at movie-professionals.

  • The Evil Bit in IPv4

    Today a new RFC has been released. In this <a href=”” target=_blank>RFC</a> with number 3514, a new bit in the IPv4 header is described, the so called “evil bit”. The introduction of this RFC is:

  • Quicktime 6.1.1 Released

    Today Apple has released Quicktime 6.1.1. According to the install notes it solves problems with streaming mpg4. The download is almost 20 mb and downloadable through the software update pane.

  • Fonts for sale!

    According to this Dutch Apple <a href=’’ target=_blank>newssite</a> Apple will start selling Fonts in the near future through the Apple store.

  • Redhat 9

    Today I recieved the following email from RedHat:

  • Xserve Clustermodel announced

    Apple has made an new Xserve model available, the cluster model. This Xserve has no videocard, only 1 gigabit ethernet, only 1 Harddisk, no cd-rom and only a 10-user (the smallest available) OS X server license. It has the same price as the entry-level Xserve but the cluster model includes a dual processor. It’s purpose is clear. Grinding bits away. Put 20 Xserve-clusters in a, surprise, cluster and keep that data coming.
    In my opinion this show clearly that Apple is taking the server market very seriously and the Xserve isn’t an one-day-fly.

  • Seed project for Safari closed

    Sources told me that Apple has decided to close the seed program for Safari. Every seed until now is known to be leaked to the internet.
    Sofar as I know every AppleSeed participant has to sign a NDA (non-disclosure-agreement).

  • Ports for OS X

    By coincidence after installing <a href=’’ target=_blank>the new beta of X11</a> I stumbled against this project:

  • Java (from Sun) has to be included in M$ Windows

    Yesterday judge Motz decided that Microsoft must immediately make sun’s Java available for windows. Eat your heart out mr. Gates You can call this good news IMHO. This means that java can be an alternative to .NET. Otherwise java would have been history at the moment M$ had started the .NET marketing campaign.

  • About PPC 970

    In a document on the website of IBM, several details of the PowerPC 970 are made available. This processor uses, as the name already indicates, the PowerPC architecture and has been based on Power4, IBM’s hi-end processor.
    Since Apple also uses the PowerPC architecture and the new processor also supports AltiVec, Apple probably will use the PowerPC 970.

  • Migration of completed

    The last week has been a week of agony and pain.
    Gargleblaster was hosted on a webserver behind an ordinary customer cable-account. The max. upload-speed was limited to 15 Kbyte/s.

  • Site updates

    Well,.to be honest,there could be more.
    I’m a busy man. On the other hand, who isn’t,.

  • At last,.journaling on the Mac!

    Finally. In the next minor update of jagwyre, 10.2.2, testcode for the journaling filesystem will be included.
    About time. While linux users can already use reiserfs, extfs3, xfs etc. for almost two years now, mac users where left in the dark.

  • Introducing GPUL: 64-bits PowerPC processor

    According to eWeek IBM is busy with Apple to construct a 64-bits PowerPC processor. This processor, which at this moment Apple is testing, will endup in Apple’s future hi-end systems. The processor, which is at this moment well-known under the name GigaProcessor Ultralite (GPUL), will be used by IBM as well.
    The processor will include many features of IBM’s Power4, but will be especially much smaller and more economical than the server processor of IBM. Some analysts say that the new chip will increase the performance of the Mac with a factor two. (!!) These same analysts warn however that we will have to wait certain one year on the GPUL

  • RedHat 8 made publicly available

    Today the new RedHat release has been made available for the general public. It can be downloaded form several sites. My personal favourite has always been <a href=”” target=_blank></a>.

  • Apple extends sign-up deadline for .Mac

    Apple is extending the sign-up deadline for its .Mac Web services from September 30 to October 14.

  • Launch your Software Update Agent!

    Apple has made 10.2.1 and iTunes 3.0.1 avaible to the public. Both can be downloaded through the software update preference pane.

  • Keynote Steve Jobs not live on QuicktimeTV?

    The last years it was a returning event to watch Steve Jobs holding a Keynote. Four times a year you could find me with headphones behind the computer staring at a little quicktime window taking notes.

  • Inventor of RISC-chips has passed away

    John Cocke has died on the age of 77. He was one of the principal architects of Reduced Instruction Set Computing also known as RISC.

  • Add a pc GeForce 2 in your mac

    *article has been updated. Unfortunatly, the comments are lost in the process *

  • PGP saved!

    Here is some good news. PGP (pretty good privacy) is being continued by a new company named “PGP Corporation” PGP Desktop (although commercial) was the only reasonable alternative for mac’s to connect to a free/SWAN powered VPN.

  • Microsoft does it again ?!

    Quote from the WinXP SR 1 EULA:

    • “You acknowledge and agree that Microsoft may automatically check the version of the OS Product and/or its components that you are utilizing and may provide upgrades or fixes to the OS Product that will be automatically downloaded to your computer” *
  • The state of (Continued)


  • The state of

    This should really on the “about” section,but for the moment I put it here,

  • Installation of an Xserve

    This is mega-cool and makes me drool,.

  • Reiserfs vs. Ext3fs shootout

    I do love statisitics and benchmarks.

  • Xserve benchmarks

    Apple has released benchmark results of Xserve,

  • Security Update available

    Apple has released today security update 7-12-02. The package includes Software Update

  • Install-tune of X

    The most of you will already know this, but I didn’t so here it is:

  • Another microsoft joke ?!

    “You agree that in order to protect the integrity of content and software protected by digital rights management (‘Secure Content’), Microsoft may provide security related updates to the OS Components that will be automatically downloaded onto your computer. These security related updates may disable your ability to copy and/or play Secure Content and use other software on your computer. If we provide such a security update, we will use reasonable efforts to post notices on a web site explaining the update.”

  • Quicktime 6 Released !!!!

    Finally, Apple has released quicktime 6.