This should really on the “about” section,but for the moment I put it here, is entirely for fun. I do not have the intention to draw visitors,I use it as my peronal playground, and to share stories with my friends and sometimes with the rest of the world. is hosted on my own computer, running OS X 10.1.5. My cable connection has a max. upload of 15 Kb/s. The last week was crazy. More then 800 visitors in four days. It was fun. It had to stop.

That”s the reason that some of the content is gone.

Also, when I’m busy I don’t have the time to look after That’s why there still isn’t a story about the last keynote.

The other reason is that the stories about keynotes are everywhere.

I’m working for the content for the “about” section, and there’re also some howto’s for the “unix” section in the pipeline.

Anyway,so long and thanks for all the fish!