The last years it was a returning event to watch Steve Jobs holding a Keynote. Four times a year you could find me with headphones behind the computer staring at a little quicktime window taking notes.

Not this time however. The keynote of paris won’t be aired through quicktime TV. In my opinion a total bummer. It could have been a nice event to demonstrate again streaming mpeg4. Is Apple short on cash? or is this an indication that no important announcements are being made tomorrow?

We know that iCal and iSync will be made publicly available, that Steve Jobs will tell that sales of jagwyre has broken every record, that even .Mac sales are going strong,but will there be anything new? How about the rumors of OS X being prepared for intel? How about Apple Stores in Europe? New Hardware?

Maybe it’s a good thing that keynote won’t broadcasted live,the disappointment shall be less hard,