According to eWeek IBM is busy with Apple to construct a 64-bits PowerPC processor. This processor, which at this moment Apple is testing, will endup in Apple’s future hi-end systems. The processor, which is at this moment well-known under the name GigaProcessor Ultralite (GPUL), will be used by IBM as well.
The processor will include many features of IBM’s Power4, but will be especially much smaller and more economical than the server processor of IBM. Some analysts say that the new chip will increase the performance of the Mac with a factor two. (!!) These same analysts warn however that we will have to wait certain one year on the GPUL

Well, please let this be true and hurry: get rid of the MoTo G4!

UPDATEApple confirmed at 19.50 CET that they will use this CPU in future desktops!
Today IBM introduced the GPuL officially :P