Well,.to be honest,there could be more.
I’m a busy man. On the other hand, who isn’t,.

But I do have done some work. I’ve placed quite a few links. I rewrote my firewall script. The updated firewall script for iptables can be found on the “unix” page.

If you take a close look at the lefthand colom, you’ll notice two new sections. One with the naughty domains and one with the most attacked ports. Both are realtime linked to my firewall. In the lower righthand colom you’ll see some useless statistics. The mail-stats are realtime with php to my imap mail server. It’s there mainly for myself,A very easy way of checking for new email.

But I promise to update the site more often,really,promise:)

btw,gargleblaster.org has grown from zero to more than fifty visitors a day,.some people seem to be interested in my little place on the big bad internet!