The last week has been a week of agony and pain.
Gargleblaster was hosted on a webserver behind an ordinary customer cable-account. The max. upload-speed was limited to 15 Kbyte/s.

We decided to migrate to an bigger connection. The choice was easily made. A DSL line from the famous dutch ISP <a href=”” target=_blank>XS4ALL</a> with a maximum upload-speed of 64 Kbyte/s.

But the migration was far from painless. We experencied some nice problems with the supplied modem/router and in the process my “old” ip-adress of the cable-account changed. So the domain was offline for a few days.
Besides that,the ISP connected the “wrong” infrastructure, so at this moment I’m still stuck at 15 Kbyte/s. They have promised me to fix it within a few days.

But now we are back and running.

I’m working on a detailed story aboy getting a vigor2600 to work with an existing Linux-router, so keep an eye at the unix section of this site.

Update-2002: Bandwidth is adjusted to the promised values. I can now download an .iso within 15 minutes and upload is a full 64 KByte/s. Thanks Judith!