By coincidence after installing <a href=’’ target=_blank>the new beta of X11</a> I stumbled against this project:

<a href=’’ target=_blank>Darwinports</a>

DarwinPorts is probably best described by comparison: It’s sort of like the <a href=’’ target=_blank>FreeBSD ports collection </a> or fink in that it automates the process of building 3rd party software for Mac OS X.

In this context read “3d party software” as open source unix tools. After installing darwinports according to the install instructions (the README file in the darwinports directory aka RTFM), you only have to enter the following command:

# ports install name

And the software configures and builds on your system.
Easy as that!

The<a href=’’ target=_blank> list</a> is of “ported” software is already impressive and growing by the day.

<a href=’’ target=_blank>Jordan Hubbard</a>, the acclaimed BSD guru is one of the project leads, together with Kevin van Vechten and Landon Fuller.