Today I recieved the following email from RedHat:

  • We appreciate your support of Red Hat Network and wanted to alert you to a special service that we are extending to paying Red Hat Network customers such as yourself. For the past couple months we’ve gathered feedback and listened to our customers. We’ve heard that one of the things you want most is early access to Red Hat Linux ISOs. Well, we’ve responded. Starting March 31st at 9am Eastern, you can start downloading Red Hat Linux 9 ISOs — a week before they will be generally available in retail stores or via Red Hat FTP. For more information, go to:
    <a href=’’ target=_blank></a> </p> You also asked for improved technical support. Beginning March 31st, you will notice an improved Red Hat Network FAQ, and you will also notice that Red Hat Network technical support (with a Service Level Agreement) is being extended to paying customers. We hope that you enjoy these added benefits of being a Red Hat Network subscriber and that you will continue to provide us with feedback in the future. Thanks for all of your continued support of Red Hat.

–the Red Hat Network team </i>

WTF?! 9? They must be kidding? A full version? no 8.1,2,3 ? Have I missed something? Is the 3.0 kernel released? Has Glibc been upgraded to 4? It was only six months ago when RH 8 was released. Before we know it RH27 will be released within 3 years

Red Hat Linux 9 features include:

  1. First introduction of new threading technology: NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library)
  2. office suite for creation of documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  3. Mozilla Web browser , email client, address book, HTML composer and authoring tool
  4. Ximian Evolution TM email client, calendar and contact manager
  5. CUPS for drag-and-drop printing capabilities
  6. Upgraded core components: Linux kernel 2.4.20, GCC 3.2.1, GNU libc 2.3 (with NPTL), web server powered by Apache 2.0