Today a new RFC has been released. In this <a href=”” target=_blank>RFC</a> with number 3514, a new bit in the IPv4 header is described, the so called “evil bit”. The introduction of this RFC is:

  • Firewalls [CBR03], packet filters, intrusion detection systems, and the like often have difficulty distinguishing between packets that have malicious intent and those that are merely unusual. The problem is that making such determinations is hard. To solve this problem, we define a security flag, known as the “evil” bit, in the IPv4 [RFC791] header. Benign packets have this bit set to 0; those that are used for an attack will have the bit set to 1. *

This is the best april fools day hoax in years. I’ve been ROTFL. Read more in this slashdot <a href=”” target=_blank>thread.</a>

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