Amazing. Apple has an upgrade cd for OS X 10.2.5 avalaible before the update has been spread through the software update pane.

  • Mac OS X v10.2.5 Update CD – $19.95 The Mac OS X Software Update CD includes Update 10.2.5 which delivers enhanced functionality and improved reliability for the applications, utilities, services, and technologies of Mac OS X. For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website: Note: The Mac OS X v10.2.5 Software Update is also available as a free download via the Software Update preference. * The link however does (not yet?) work. It looks to me like a fuck-up from an Apple employee. Bad bad boy (or girl)!

Three minutes after writing up the above, 10.2.5 is downloadable through the Software Update Pane.
I’m just too much an Apple watcher.
Me thinks this will be the last 10.2 update, btw.