A lot has happened last week. Apple announced his music store, the new iPod series has been announced and I got my drivers-license.

On the same day of my driving-exam the mailman delivered my iPod. The “old” one (5 GB) but hey!,It still rocks!

I use the iPod for listening to music,but there are people out there who rather like to <a href=”http://ipodlinux.sourceforge.net/” target=_blank>install Linux on their iPod</a> and a friend of mine decided to build a <a href=”http://www.jaccorens.com” target=_blank>iRaid</a>.

But own little personal rant: I wished that I had the money to buy Apple Shares. Last week, before the introduction of the Apple Music Service, a share had a value of a little over $ 13.00. But yesterday Apple announced that it had sold over 130.000 new iPods and more than 1 million songs in 1 week. An Apple share is now $17.41.

Come on Apple! Give Europe the music service as well!!!

And now for something completely different:
OS 10.2.6 has been released a few hours ago.