A couple of weeks ago I started with the <a href=”http://www.comptia.com/certification/linux/default.asp” target=_blank> Linux+ course</a> from Comptia. The goal is to finally certify myself as a linux-sysadmin.

I thought it would be a “seen it, done it. bought the t-shirt” experience, since I work with linux for years now, as pro-sysadmin and in my home network. But hey! I’m actually learning things.

Like the fact that Debian is an arse to install:) I’m chapter 3 at the moment, and I thought I would manage a dry run (or: not doing the practical excersises) but to my surprise knowing the debian package system is part of the exam.

So I combined my squid and dns server, freeing a pentium II 300 mhz as playbox. First I installed Mandrake (which accompiened the course) By far the most convienent installation procedure I have seen until now. Even a Windows-user could install this distro.

After an hour I got bored with Mandrake, so I decided to try an net install of Debian.
Debian won. I lost. Fuck. That’s hard.

I find myself doing a net-install of RedHat 9 right now. Hey! I only want to fiddle around with the gui stuff,he he

First some reading for Debian. Debian refused to see my NIC’s (three, 1 intel etherexpress 100 mbit and 2 realtek 8139′s) But now I remember the Intel caused some problems with RH as well,and yes,I’m forced to use the realtek for doing the netinstall.
An 8 mbit DSL line kicks ass with a net-install.

I did manage to install Debian today (4th june). I was using the wrong diskimages and I have thrown my intel etherexpress100 in the trash (where it belongs).