Tonight somebody had to upload his website on my webserver.

I really hate ftp, especially running a ftp-server myself.
But against my prejudices I actived the built-in ftpd of OS X.

To discover that CHROOT didn’t work. With the help of friends I learned that there is a bug in ftpd in OS X 10.2 client which prevents chroot-ing. (<a href=”” target=_blank>more info</a>) btw. the chroot defaults to the user homedirectory. So don’t forget to adjust the homedirectory entry in netinfo.

After the chroot bug was corrected, the follwing problem. If someone uploaded a file, the file wasn’t viewable by a webbrowser. It seemed that the permissions weren’t correct. The default umask was 027.


The solution was to create an ftpd.conf with the following line:
umask chroot 022

Yeah! The files are shown in the web-browser.

So tonight he could finally upload.

He got the following error:

  • 425 Can’t create data socket (x.x.x.x,20): Address already in use.
    ! Retrieve of folder listing failed (0)

It costed me 30 minutes.
The solution?

He had to disable his firewall,.