Last week an uncarefull performed update of my linux mailserver broke my viruscanner <a href=’’ target=_blank> AMaViS </a>. I still don’t know what really broke it, it was either Perl or Glibc.

I was already considering moving my mailserver to another intel box, so I went to work. A fresh new RedHat 9 instead of 7.3.


AMaViS did it perfectly, installing all the needed perl-modules with CPAN etc. SpamAssassin is also easy with CPAN btw. I migrated the useraccounts with no problem.
But Hey ,why is UVscan from mcAfee still crashing?

Hey..booting my ” old ” mailserver,.it’s not amavis crashing,it’s UVscan!

It seemd that my ISP, who offers a license for mcAfee, only has an old version of mcAfee for download.
And everywhere on the internet you can find horrific stories of mcAfee with RedHat 9.

A collegue however pointed out that a new version of mcAfee does work with RedHat 9. I asked my ISP for the new version, but they told me that mcAfee is a real bitch with releasing a new version for download through their website. So I decide to call mcAfee, after searching the mcAfee website for a place where I could enter my creditcard info.

me: Hello, I want to buy the mcAfee commandline AV for unix/linux.
they: eh,,.
me: I’m looking at the product description right now on http://,etc.
they: eh,..
me: I want to buy it, please tell me where or how I can order it,.
they: ,.eh,..for linu,unisss,.eh,.sorry Sir, we can’t help you,.
me: sigh,forget it. Bye!

10 minutes later I have <a href = ‘’ target=_blank> Sophos </a> sweep happily running. Catching three SOBIG.F/SWEN in the next 24 hours,.

update: legally buying sophos in the Netherlands sucks. The dealer is an asshole and their licensemodel isn’t build for small companies. We decided to buy McAfee. Really cheap and reliable. We contacted this time their bussiness line directly.

Btw. a good place for help on AMaViS is the
<a href = ‘’ target=_blank>forum on sourceforge</a></insert>