Yesterday I finally recieved my new mobile phone.
I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a Nokia 6310i.

And today the quickly ordered Keyspan bluetooth module arrived by mail.


Ignorant fool as I am by nature, I started looking for the newest drivers right away on the Keyspan website, and was slightly irritated that I couldn’t find any. Than I realised that I was an Apple user, and plugged in the bluetooth module.

No suprise, It worked right away,

but, wow, I’m not easily flabbergasted by gadgets anymore, until now!

SMS was never easier, vcard export kicks ass! and he he, answering the phone with one mouseclick…is just,so great,

Foolhardy I started right away with the next objective, Internet through GPRS,
The ultimate nerdy-geek-hype of the moment.
I started diggin through my providers website (T-mobile in the Netherlands) and learned quickly that GPRS was not supported on an Apple.

I had it working in 5 minutes!
No custom apple-scripts, no third party tools, right out of the box. The only caveat was that I had to activate a gprs channel on my nokia.

I have a new toy!