This was bothering me since I installed SpamAssassin on my mailserver. SpamAssassin is called by procmail, and after the email is scanned, the mail is further processed by, again, procmail.

Email marked as spam is put in the Spam-directory by procmail.
So far, so good. Only,because the filtering is done by procmail, and not by the Apple mail program, every spam-email was marked as unread and could not be set to read by Apple mail automatically. So once a day I had to go down to my spam-directory to mark the spam-mails as read,rather stupid,

Today I had enough,A search in google solved the problem in 3 minutes,the problem which bothered me for months,

The solution:

  • ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
    | formail -I “Status: R” » mail/Reclame/spam