Last week our new color laserprinter (Epson C4000PS) arrived at the office. Quit a jiffy printer. Postscript level 3, a decent 10/100 built-in printserver and out of the box 192 Mb ram built in are some of the kewl features (and do not forget the duplex-unit!).

But from the SysAdmin point of view, the telnetmenu, decent support of networking protocols (Netware, Appletalk, TCP/IP to name a few) and SNMP are the more interesting features.


After some useless googling for an Epson MIB, I did find some pointers for which OID’s to use,
update to the message on the mrtg mailinglist archive. It seems that the OID’s for HP applies for Epson as well.

Target[c4000geel]: .
MaxBytes[c4000geel]: 110
Title[c4000geel]: Toner Cartridge S050088 (Geel)
Options[c4000geel]: gauge, integer, unknaszero, growright, nopercent
PageTop[c4000geel]: Toner Cartridge S050088 (Geel)
YLegend[c4000geel]: mg
ShortLegend[c4000geel]: mg
LegendI[c4000geel]: capaciteit
LegendO[c4000geel]: resterend
Legend1[c4000geel]: capaciteit
Legend2[c4000geel]: resterend
Colours[c4000geel]: lichtblauw#66FFFF,geel#FFFF00,
DARK GREEN#006600,VIOLET#ff00ff

(for the non-dutch speakers: geel = yellow)

The above mrtg.cfg gives the following graph: