Me thinks that today will be the day that Steve Jobs will announce the iTunes music store for Europe.

I’m clicking my way through the latest version of iTunes (4.5) and through the iTunes music store,That’s fun! The artist’s playlists are very informative,great way of learning some new music.

But until the announcement is made and the iTms is available I’ll stick with Radio Paradise,(eclectic channel in iTunes).
Just wrote down Greg Brown with Downtown on my wishlist.

I know all the servers for iTms are allready in place here in Europe,

Speaking of servers. I stumbled against <a href=’’ target=_blank> this very informative blog-entry about Google.</a>

Apart from a description of the underpinnings of the GFS (Google File System) it describes the server infrastructure of Google in a very informative manner.

100.000 servers (in the google server farm),.unbelievable,I’m still struggling to manage three,.