This wednesday I’ll meet the cisco PIX 515E. Ordered last wednesday, it will be delivered directly on the colocation site.

the Cisco pix 515E

I do have mixed feelings with that. I do have some cisco experience. That is, have logged in and done some troubleshouting in the Cisco IOS enviroment, but I’m far from any cisco wizardry. I would have liked it when the PIX arrived some weeks earlier, so that I would have the oppurtinity to play around with it. But we ain’t living in a perfect world.

So I have the task to master the PIX enviroment (which differs from IOS btw) within the limits of this weekend.
And I think that I’m going to succeed. On my desk is a printed version of the PIX configuration guide (453 pages) of which I’ve read the relevant parts. On my iBook I have the PIX command reference open, and am basically reading the gory details of every command which I have to use.

Two basic questions remain:

1) PDM or console fot the initial setup
2) Use NAT or not use NAT,(I do have two /29 subnets of public IP-addresses).

If you happen to read this, advice in the comments is welcome.