Man,.configuring a co-lo server and a PIX is very, very hard work.
Little sleep and frustrating hours trying to understand why traffic doesn’t do what I want.

Three important things which you don’t read in the manuals.

1) logging,
logging buffered debugging
doesn’t enable logging.
logging on
(took me 15 minutes wondering why the logbuffer stayed empty)

2) If you connect the PIX to the console server @ xs4all
find the geek who has rootaccess to the console server,
let her (!) reset your password.
make sure she asks after 10 tries, what she is connecting to.
give the magic answer: “a pix”
listen very carefully: oh, then you need the converter thingie!

3) you can’t rename the “inside” interface.
let me rephrase that,
I’ts IMPOSSIBLE to rename the inside interface and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to alter the outside security level!
(another 30 minutes down the drain:)

But,the server is running and big thanks to excellent folks at xs4all, who helped me a lot.