A very busy week, but during my activities I found the time to experiment with freeBSD.
First on a very old IBM pentium 166mmx, but later this week on a unexpected present, a compaq PII 266 mhz.

I’m impressed.

The install process is , well, like going back in time, but quite simple. Not the fancy dandy RedHat install screens (let alone OS X) but nice ASCII screens. I did an FTP install, maybe the full iso’s do have graphical setup screens.

I like the total control feeling of the freeBSD install proces. Clear questions and good documentation in the install screens.
And after the first boot, the netstat -an command, shows, well., basically nothing.
How different from a default redhat or fedora install.

Only port 22 and udp 514 (syslog) open. wow.
No RPC, portmap or NFS bollocks I ever use.

freeBSD has a new addict.

I’ll post my further findings on gargleblaster.
In the next weeks I’ll migrate my mail and dns server from RH9 and fedora to freeBSD.