Today Apple has announced they are gonna sue, for exposing trade secrets. My first reaction is: why waited so long? Nick de Plume of thinksecret was clearly abusing his NDA. He probably got an ADC account for only one reason: having priority access to pre-release builds. I myself have a ADC software seed key, and I don’t even discuss new features with my girlfriend, let alone posting them on the net. I don’t deny that I like reading rumoursites. But there are limits. broke those limits. I think that they will have to pay a reasonable ammount of money. And it will be justice, think off all the $$ they make with the advertisements.

On the other hand, it’s in my eyes a nice conformation off several rumours. It has been a while that Apple sued people for spreading sensitive information. Something big is probably happening in Cupertino. has an excerpt from the court filings:

  • “Apple has filed a civil complaint against the owner of and unnamed individuals who we believe stole Apple’s trade secrets,” Apple said in its statement. “We believe that Think Secret solicited information about unreleased Apple products from these individuals, who violated their confidentiality agreements with Apple by providing details that were later posted on the Internet.”</p> In the suit, Apple outlines the damage that leaks cause, noting that disclosures give competitors a head start and hurt the buzz created around its products. “Unauthorized disclosures diminish the interest of both the mainstream and trade media in the launch of a new product,” Apple said.</i>