I’m finished more or less with upgrading gargleblaster.org to wordpress 1.5.
Less painfull than I feared,The database remained completly intact.
The new theme system is great.
I picked a nice theme and completely rebuilded that theme.
It’s coming to close to the point how I like think that my blog should look like.

I also enabled comments again. The new anti-comment-spam features seems to work. Just make sure that you disable the sent-email-for-notification option, otherwise your inbox will be hammered with moderation emails.
I still think those bastards should be nailed with their balls to the church or something, but it isn’t that annoying as with wordpress 1.2 any more.

Not that anyone submits comments, but hey,feel free.
With referrer spam filtered out (bastards as well!) gargleblaster has around 75 unique visitors a day, which is not bad for a personal weblog I think.