Summertime again.
All of my servers are synced with a central NTP and pick up summertime nicely.
Except my Cisco PIX 515e.
Turned out that I didn’t configure my date time settings very well.
So, as well for my reference as for your information:

<br /> clock timezone CET 01<br /> clock summer-time CET recurring last Sunday March 2:00 last Sunday october 2:00<br /> ntp server <i>i.p.a.dr</i> source <i>interface</i><br /> ntp server <i>i.p.a.dr</i> source <i>interface</i><br />

The clock timezone command is tricky,You have to specify your own timezone AND the offset against UTC.
A list of timezone abbr. which Cisco uses can be found here.

show clock detail

09:27:34.357 CET Sun Mar 27 2005
Time source is NTP
Summer time starts 02:00:00 CET Sun Mar 27 2005
Summer time ends 02:00:00 CET Sun Oct 30 2005