I did it!

For over a year I glanced at PHP5, but put it aside as too unstable/experimental (a year ago) or too dangerous to migrate due to incompatibility issues.

Some of my projects where however advancing to a point, that procedural programming became to limited. And more and more I found myself looking at (Object Orientated Programming) OOP.
And being a absolute rookie in OOP, I decided that if I had to learn OOP, I wanted it to learn in PHP5 rightaway, instead of starting in PHP4.

Well, 2 weeks ago, I decided that the time has come. I downloaded php5, installed it on my development server and,.it just worked?!

A closer look learned that JPgraph -scripts broke and some my legacy code also.
Fortunately, there are two configuration options who both can be set in a htaccess or virtualhost configuration:

Enabling those two directives in the appropiate virtualhost config made all the scripts 100% working again!(yeah yeah I know, ditch the legacy code and wait for jpgraph 2.0, but we don’t live in a perfect world, do we?)

The last week I find myself coding in PHP5 OOP style for the first time, using the new mysqli extension (prepared statements kick ass!) and enjoying php5 very very much!