New toys,for me,how nice!

@work, 3 weeks ago, the decision was made to get rid of an old iMac 350 (blue, dv).
Hooray! The user of the iMac was given my G4 450, and I was told to buy a new iMac G5.

The fun thing was,there wasn’t an iMac in Stock in the whole Netherlands,I phoned several mac-dealers. Begged to to sell me their show-models, but no luck.
But,.there where several who did have the 1.8 Ghz G5 in Stock.
And I got clearence to buy it!
(actually, I prefered the tower over the iMac, because I like my Phillips TFT 19″)


The same evening I rushed to the Apple-dealer to load the very heavy box in my car, together with some additional ram.
The design, the look, the feel,wow,the first days I found myself stroking the shiny aluminium over and over again. The machine is less noisy as my previous G4, and the new graphics card is making Tiger even look better. I know it’s the entry level (since 2 days even EOL in Europe) but boy, compared to my G4 it screams.

G5 + iPod mini

And the real fun,6 days later on my birthday, I got an iPod Mini, in gray, because that matched my new G5 so nicely :-D
I did have the 1G 5Gbyte iPod. But that one was showing it’s age. I like the newer OS of the ipod, it has really matured compared to the 1G iPods. And I discovered that podcasts are fun. Listening on the returntrip of work to the Daily Source code has really made the bus less boring.