Having an update iPod since a couple of weeks, finally got me on the podcasting train. Not as a producer of podcasts (don’t worry, I don’t plan to do it either) but as a consumer. A short time before I got my iPod, iTunes 4.9 was released with podcast-support (,all over the place really).

I’m subscribed to three podcasts now. The drawback is that iTunes still isn’t built for multiple computers. Somehow your iPod is only able to stay in sync with 1 computer. @work, I’m subscribed in iTunes to 3 podcasts and those are syncing up nicely with my iPod (which is named “ieniemienie” by the way). But when I’m at home, and hook up my iPod to my iBook, I’m not able to get the latest podcasts in my podcast”playlist” on my iPod. That sucks. I have to drop those podcasts in my ordinary library on my iPod. I really hope it will be made possible in future iTunes releases.
Another feature (not bug!, feature:) of iTunes, and it’s in a way related to the problem described above, is that itunes keeps track to which podcasts you have listened in the last few days.


As you can understand,this isn’t very reliable if you listen to podcasts downloaded through different computers.
But where I started with, I like podcasts. At, least,I like listen to the daily source code of Adam Curry. Adam Curry is known in Holland from “CountDown” an 80′s television music show. When he stopped doing that show, he returned to the States and got very rich. A couple of years ago, he was in the news because he flew in with his own helicopter to his radioshow (keep in mind that holland is 400 km from north to south, he had to fly about 200 km).
But,I really really like his dialy source code. They are fascinating and he is very Apple-minded (which is always a big plus for me). This morning while commuting to work I listened to an episode where he did a “soundscape”, which is a nice word for walking on the street with a running microphone.
And it really was fascinating listening to all those San Francisco street-sounds whilst driving in a bus through Friesland.