Ordinarly I prevent myself from writing political stories on gargleblaster.org. I don’t have to shout on a webblog that the USA has the dumbest president in their history. I don’t have to shout the the world biggest democraty in the world has only 2 parties. I don’t have to shout that the christian-ultra-rightwing won the elections by 0.02 %. But man,they are making it hard for me.

John Bolton was appointed by Bush as UN ambassador today without waiting for approval from the Senate.

That is really what is ment by the word democraty. (Am I being ironic here?)

Reverend Bush stated: “Democrats forced me to bypass Congress, using “shameful delaying tactics” to prevent a vote.”

Whitehouse press-release
BBC worldnews-article
Background on John Bolton

I know who will congratulate him,Reverend Balkenende will. The dumbest Dutch prime-minister in history :)