Doing PHP development for several years now, I never really understood version control and how to integrate it with my web-application development. For “traditional” programming, it is clear. You create a repository, all the developers keep in sync and commit their updates. But being the whole development team yourself and have code that for 100% depends on the database stopped me from even try to set up a version control system.
Until last week. I just finished a project and was starting a new one, when I decided that this was the ideal moment for fiddling around with version control. I happened to have a golden oldie compaq proliant 1850R with RAID 5 disks AND a fresh install of freeBSD 5.4. Ideal for the task of becoming a CVS server,.eh, cvs? subversion?

Being a total version control newbie, I did my googling and reading. In one sentence: CVS is old and insecure, Subversion is hot and the talk of the town. CVS compares to Subversion as telnet to ssh.
And the fun thing? installing and setting up took me 1,5 hour. Using ports there are basically two ports to install: Apache2 and Subversion.
Below are links to the pages I used for setting up my subversion server, but here are some hints/notes: (not a howto or tutorial! read the pages!)</p>

Create a svn user and group, and adjust the umask of that user. I used: umask 002.

Build apache2 with WITH_BERKELEYDB=db42.
I have changed httpd.conf to have apache2 runs as svn user and group, this spares you from read/write issues when using Subversion with webdav.


Su -l to the SVN user, create the repository and import your initial project layout, confiure apache to serve the repository with webDAV and,you're free to go!

It kicks ass!
I do my webdevelopment on my mac offcourse and I found svnX to be a fantastic client wrapper. 2, 3 hours after installing and setting up my first version control, I found myself wondering how I ever lived (eh..ok developed) without it.

The links I used:
onlamp – Setting up a Secure Subversion Server
the SVN book (free!)</p>

</a> macdev center- making the jump to subversion
onLamp – top ten tips for Subversion users
OS X Subversion client package (you need this for being able to use a gui front-end as svnX.
Versions Systems link collection

And because I always forget the exact procedure:
Apache+SSL on freeBSD

Recent addition is this article from RedHat, a introduction suited for both CVS users and those new to version control.

CVS is out, Subversion is in found with