While coding (php5) on a new project today, I found myself struggling with the question to fit a collection of functions in a class or not. Or in other words, to maintain a procedural style, or more object orientated.
I only learned recently how to use objects and classes in php5 and I find myself mixing objects and procedural style within scripts. For instance, html templates and database abstraction is fitted in classes, while handling a form (collection -> validating ->processing) is done in a procedural style in my scripts.

I think that webapplication-coding is by nature more suitable for a procedural style. You have a very clear starting point and end. So the timeline in your script is very linear. Compare this with java, where applets mostly run in a loop waiting for userevents. The fundamental difference in nature (begin->end against looping) explains my struggle to code completely OOP with PHP.

Off course OOP has lots of advantages with PHP (execption handling, code reusability to name a few) but I think when coding webapplications, you will always find yourself coding a more or less procedural timeline within your script.