This morning before going to work I had a little chat with a friend of mine.

what’s your opinion about javascript?

friend: Necessary evil.

hmm ok you’re on the same line as sans

friend: http is too dumb to do what people want to do. And javascript is better than java. And it’s more cross platform. But it’s tough to write and easy to hide evil.

i am “discovering” javascript the last months
(i know, 10 years late)
i think it rocks.
makes me totally reconsider the way webpages could work
building a part now where ppl can make teams, by drag and dropping members
without a single page refresh.

friend: Right. Welcome to web 2.0. Well, we’re on 3.0 But you can join 2.0

yh i heard the 3.0 for the first time this week
what’s 3.0 btw?
no internet? borg?

friend @ 7:15 It’s nonsense. Like 2.0

me @ 07:15 like 2.0 is

gmta, rofl

Another friend pointed me (after reading the above) to this userfriendly cartoon,