The last week on Dutch radio the top2000 of popsongs has been broadcasted. On 1 was Bohemian rhapsody by Queen, and the whole list contained a lot of good music. But,also a lot of rubbish.
Listening to the countdown, made me wonder what my favourite songs are,and why. I am very well aware top whatevers are changing from day to day according to your mood etc,but here is a shot anyway:

  1. Dancing in the moonlight – Smashing Pumpkins
    Original song of Thin Lizzy, who released it on the album Bad Reputation in 1976. The song was released as single in 1977 and reached the 14th position in the UK. The Smashing Pumpkins recorded a cover and released on a Disarm cd single.
    From the 1st time I heard that song, I was absolutely in love with it.

  2. Her ghost in the fog – Cradle of Filth
    Released in 2000 on their Midian album, this song has everything what makes me love Cradle of Filth. Listening to this songs always takes me away to dark woods, mysteries and fairy tales. And,many “music-lovers” won’t agree this with me,but I really, really like the Cradle of Filth music,the drums, the guitars,the melodies and harmonies of the women voices,and the raw energy the songs have.

  3. Velouria – The Pixies
    Released on the Bosanova Album.

  4. Dead Embryonic Cells – Sepultura
    From the “Arise” album, in my opinion one of the best (trash)metal records ever.

  5. One – Metallica
    From the legendary album “,And Justice for all”.
    I always preferred however the radio edit, with the samples from the movie in it.

  6. Hurt – Johnny Cash
    As how much I like to listen to Nine Inch Nails, the original version of this song doesn’t even come close to the version Johnny Cash recorded.

  7. The Mercy Seat (acoustic version!) – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    Released on the b-sides and rarities,absolutely brilliant version.

  8. The Partisan – Leonard Cohen

  9. The needle and the damage done – Neil Young
    Not the harvest version,but the version as recorded on: “Live in Massey Hall – 1971″.

  10. Nothing really ends – dEUS

Pfew,this was hard :) only 10! I have at this moment 9845 songs in my iTunes library,and i love almost each and everyone of those songs,But the above are really special in my opinion.
However,lots are missing,no Depeche mode, No Radiohead,No Pearl Jam, no Nirvana,no Kyuss,no White stripes,.sigh,