This easter-weekend it’s beautiful weather in the Netherlands. I bought my current bicycle 2nd hand a few months ago and I am really enjoying cycling outdoors.

This morning I decided to push my limits a little bit and extend my training-ride from 70km to 100+ km. The weather-conditions couldn’t be better. On the map below i have drawn my route.


Basically: Harlingen->Makkum->Workum->Hindeloopen->Stavoren->Oudega->Woudsend->Sneek->Bolsward->Witmarsum->Kimswerd->Harlingen

117.82 km total. I left at 08:50, And was in Sneek 3 hours later (+/- 90 km). In Bolsward I stopped for a lunch (beer and bread with kroketten! :) ) and I arrived home at 13:30.