Since 2001 ( I am very well aware that there is something called IPv6. And very well aware that the pool of IPv4 adresses is running out. When giving courses to new helpdesk personal at a large ISP in the Netherlands, I always warned them that IPv4 will have it’s limits and we really need to prepare ourselves for IPv6. Well, to be honest, even myself was thinking the last years: well, right, let’s see.

But more and more reports (stories) are popping up in the blogosphere and techsites. IPv4 is running out! yes! IPv6 does suck! (serious design flaws do exist) And the worst, a lot of firmware/embedded software, often not upgradable by users, doesn’t support IPv6.

Ars Technica however has recently published a nice article about what the current state of IPv4 really is. And it doesn’t look good. Either we switch to IPv6 or switch to Carrier Grade NAT (CGN). The latter seems to be seriously sucky imho.